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Aftermarket EFI Installations

We take pride in our work and really stride for the cleanest look possible on our aftermarket efi installations. We are not afraid of modifying the main harness for a cleaner install and overall appearance and we are also well versed at fabricating appropriate fuel supply systems for these EFI kits and having them control ignition timing. But most importantly we have installed a bunch and have that experience under our belt..

F.A.S.T. makes an incredible product and set up right it doesn't disappoint. And we always focus on a clean install..

The FAST throttle body flows 1150cfm and makes it perfect for big block and racing applications..

And with the timing controlled by the FAST controller all tuning can happen from inside the air conditioned comfort of the car..

But the kit by itself is only half the magic. With these aftermarket EFI kits the installation really matters and can be the difference of a good or bad experience with the product. We specialize in getting from here..

To here..

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